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Since the summer of 2021, Briquestore has acquired a UV printer, allowing the creation of personalized parts.
Thanks to this technology, it is possible for us to print various visuals in order to complete the range of already existing printed parts.
UV printing provides a fine and detailed image that will last over time. In short, unique pieces at your fingertips.

In order to satisfy you, we offer you daily for sale new visuals to enhance your constructions.

All the bricks used are new and Lego® certified!

Our different services

New visuals

Every day, we imagine and create new visuals to enhance all your scenes and constructions. Our goal is to offer you a wide choice and diversified parts. Thus on Briquestore you will find pieces related to food, care, video games or even everyday objects.

Image presentation new visuals

Customization of Lego® pieces

Customizing Lego® pieces

Add a unique and personalized piece to your collection!
We offer you to personalize some parts of our catalog yourself.
All you have to do is choose its color and send us your text or image! Thanks to the customization option available on smooth flat parts, you can now create your own parts yourself, adding text and / or images to them as you wish!
We regularly update this option in order to offer you an ever more diverse range. If you have special requests (large quantity, request for a quote, ...), then do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

So give free rein to your imagination by creating your own piece very simply.

Personalized puzzle on Lego® bricks

To offer or to have fun, Briquestore offers you to customize a Lego® brick puzzle. Available in several sizes, it will delight all construction fans! To offer ? Its originality will make the difference! From the simplest to the most elaborate, choose the one you want!

Customizable Puzzle Image

Mini Moc with BriqueStore prints

Mini-MOC Briquestore in Lego® bricks

Looking for inspiration? No problem ! Briquestore has concocted the mini-mocs for you!
These are small creations in Lego® bricks imagined and produced by us.
Each of the printed pieces are original Briquestore creations. We work on the visual and we print the part using our professional UV printer.
All the mini-mocs are specially adapted to your favorite Lego® minifigures and are delivered to you with their assembly instructions in paper format.

Customize your Lego® torsos

You can customize your Lego® torsos!
To do this, nothing could be simpler, go to the "Customizable Lego® parts" section, select the "Torso" section and choose the one you want then click on "customization option". Then you just have to personalize your torso with your visual and / or text. (Possibility to insert several text boxes but only one visual).

You have no idea? Don't worry, we'll help you with our predefined customization visuals. You will find different visual models on the personalization page. You just need to choose one and add your text if you wish. New visuals will be added to the selection so be sure to check them out regularly.

For a birthday, a special event, for your personal collection or for companies ... Let your imagination run wild!

To help you, you will find just here an explanatory video of the operation and the possibilities.

To go further

Do you have a special request? Choose a Lego® brick from our parts catalog and send us your customization request via the contact page. We will study your wish as soon as possible.

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